Ken Thwaits

PRG Chairman, President/Chief Executive Officer

Ken Thwaits has had an entrepreneurial vision from a young age. Starting many successful businesses over his career, he has developed a keen eye for talent and opportunity. His drive and passion for excellence has served him well in all areas of his personal and professional life.

Today, Thwaits is the Chairman of Precision Resources Group. He currently owns successful businesses across various markets including implementing decades of expertise in the automotive industry, among others. 


Kevin Long

PRG Board Member, Chief Operating Officer/

Kevin has been serving the PRG network of companies since 2000. As Chief Operating Officer, Long is responsible for the overall business operations management of the PRG network of companies including accounting, legal, HR and facilities.

Prior to his present responsibilities, Long managed PDI's multiple facilities and Testing Operations. He has worked as a corporate pilot and Director of Operations in the aviation industry. 



Chris Copley

PRG Board Member, Director of Sales and Marketing, Splash Promotions

Chris Copley serves as the Director of Sales & Marketing for Splash Promotions. She joined Splash in January 2014 and is responsible for business development, marketing and sales.

Prior to joining Splash Promotions, Copley spent 14 years working in various industries providing marketing, graphic design and event management services.


Nathalie Locas

PRG Board Member, Director of Sales and Marketing, Drivers Corp

Nathalie has worked in vehicle logistics and maintenance for automotive industry programs for 19 years on programs for virtually every manufacturer in the automotive industry, including numerous Toyota programs.  She has vast experience with programs of all sizes and types.

In 1991, Locas successfully started and managed a vehicle logistics company that serviced vehicle manufacturers, ad agencies and logistics companies such as Precision Dynamics.

In 2002, she joined the PDI team, managing vehicle procurement and transportation.  She also handles pre- and post-program vehicle prep and reconditioning.